Making Make Believe

No website greeting is as profound as the opening sunrise scene in Disney’s The Lion King, but know if I could create such an effect with only my words, I would. Instead, imagine that song and the cartoon sun rising. You already are, aren’t you?

With that song in mind, I’m Courtney and I write about things that never happened. This giant image to the right is the book I wrote. Jaden Baker is the title character (bet you guessed that already), and while he’s not a freak, he’s odd. Which is exactly what he’s going for.

When I lived aboard a boat, I recorded plenty of adventures and experiences, which you can read here. Occasionally I’ll pen some thoughts about my projects, anecdotes on life (how original), and other categories that Alex Trebek would classify as “Potpourri.” If you’re not here to read but are looking for a way to contact me, you can skip all the gobbledegook and just get in touch by clicking here.

Jaden Baker revised cover

Jaden Baker

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