Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

courtney kirchoff

I’m not alone in being alone!

I’m an introvert. I proclaim that proudly and un-loudly, and I wish our culture would embrace introversion rather than putting so much value on extroversion (“people-person”, “charismatic” etc.). I wrote a post a while ago about Why I Hate Meetings to essentially stand up for myself and my introversion: meetings are useless; innovation and creativity…

courtney kirchoff

Ignore the Naysayers

The gist: happy people want everyone else to be happy. Successful people want others to find success. Unhappy people want everyone else to be unhappy, and do their utmost to bring the high achievers down. If you’ve encountered naysayers on your way to fulfilling a dream, or are frustrated with who the naysayers are (like…

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