Well, funny seeing you here. What’s a smart person like you doing in a witless place like this?

Launched way back in 2006 as a fun way to discuss and promote my then new book Jaden Baker, this website has since become a sailboat blog, a depository for silly thoughts, a portal for advice likely no one needs, and now a political safe-space full of inconsequential frivolity for those who hope to leave the tribalistic digital world behind.

Here I hope to also share helpful writing and career advice, insight about that which may or may not be insightful, and short snippets of life’s relatable belly flops. Of which there are a great many. Cannonball.

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For those curious, I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest (the greater Seattle, Washington area) since 2008, where I’ve worked as a graphic designer, writer, and frequent employer of the sarcasm font. Three Shetland Sheepdogs and two horses own me.