Courtney Kirchoff is a prolific writer, with one (so far) published novel, thousands of public and viral posts on current events, culture and politics, and has plans to write much more. She’s uncomfortable writing about herself in third person but is getting over it fast. What can she say, not all sheroes wear spandex. Courtney lives on her 21 acre mini-ranch in North Texas with her five outdoor cats, four horses, and three dogs. It’s a lot of work and she maybe bit off more than she can chew but she would never admit that to your face. If you want to help her out, don’t send your advice or words of encouragement. She can write those for herself. Instead, send her a tractor.

Courtney previous lived in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State and Northern California. Don’t worry Texans, she’s not that kind of Californian.

This website has take on many forms in the ten plus years of existence, much like its owner. Launched way back in 2006 as a fun way to discuss and promote her then upcoming book, this website has since become a sailboat blog, a depository for silly thoughts, a portal for advice likely no one needs, and now a political safe-space full of inconsequential frivolity for those who hope to leave the tribalistic digital world behind.

Here I hope to also share helpful writing and career advice, insight about that which may or may not be insightful, and short snippets of life’s relatable belly flops. Of which there are a great many. Cannonball.