Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you as a writer?

Yes, I’m available for freelance writing work. Please contact me.

I write book reviews on my blog, can I get a copy of Jaden Baker?

There are several ways to get a copy of my book, the most economical (for both of us) is to get the ebook, which sells for $3.99, arrives instantly, and has no shipping charge. If your book review site/blog has thousands of followers and you review books frequently and honestly, then I’m happy to gift you a copy of the Kindle ebook. Because the book is precious to me I will not send a PDF, as a PDF can be easily shared, and thus I’d lose control of my work.

Are you writing a new book?

Yes, I think so. I’m always working on something. Whether or not I publish and share it depends on how the project(s) turn out.

Spoiler related questions about Jaden Baker. You’ve been warned.

I wanted to see Madrid’s demise. Why didn’t you show it?

I had planned on it, actually, but when I got to the scene, the book came to what I call a “natural end.” I thought Ethan saying, “Mr. Madrid, I believe you been expecting me,” was neater than going into the final and painful moments of his death. There are some things better left to your imagination, and I also didn’t think anything I could write would measure up to your expectations of what he deserved. The book is about Jaden anyway, and not Ethan. If given the choice between making his enemy suffer, or having Libby in his arms beside him, I think he’d chose the latter. He’s a softy at heart.

Where did you get the idea of Joseph Madrid and some of the things he does?

You’re asking/wondering about this because you may be worried for me, yeah? One of my aunts asked me if I’d spent time in a Turkish prison. Madrid is a twisty villain, and one I doubt I’ll be able to top. The short answer is that he came with the rest of the story. If you’d like the long explanation, you should read the blog post about him: Joseph Madrid.

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