To Be Safe Than Hunted: a Jaden Short Story

“A conundrum. One thing he couldn’t tolerate was being expected to follow someone’s orders. That barked command instilled in Jaden a desire to pry Cheap’s eyes from their sockets, then use the eyeballs to plug the pipes. A two birds with one stone solution. On the other hand, if Jaden was going to operate a… Continue reading To Be Safe Than Hunted: a Jaden Short Story

The Nice and Casual Observations of Sissy Jenkins

A bouquet of red roses sat on my doorstep. But all my friends know I don’t like roses, and any admirer, secret or otherwise, would have gleaned my hatred for the thorny, petaled plant from just about anywhere, and wouldn’t have left such a display at my door. This left two possible scenarios: The roses were delivered to… Continue reading The Nice and Casual Observations of Sissy Jenkins

Novel Consultants Needed

There are questions Google cannot answer, and it’s out of the question to randomly email people with the questions I need answers to. I need to connect with the right people and chat. It’s my intention to keep my in-progress projects and subject matter in the dark, as story, plot and characters can change in… Continue reading Novel Consultants Needed

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What Jaden Baker is About

I’m often asked about the plot of my novel, which isn’t a big surprise, yet I’ve never really taken time to explain it in my own words. Jaden Baker is a psychological thriller, and if you’re wondering what makes a book a psych-thriller rather than a mystery or action thriller, I pulled a definition from… Continue reading What Jaden Baker is About

The Great Re-Read

Publishing a book is extremely exciting. I was so thrilled to finally have completed Jaden Baker that I couldn’t wait to have it published. I had several people read through the book searching for errors, and I read through it at least seven times before publishing it. But catching all the errors is just impossible.… Continue reading The Great Re-Read