What makes a good liveaboard boat?

Being Hauled Out

It’s obligatory to open this post with an obvious statement: we’re all different, we have different personal needs and priorities. But most of us do have one thing in common and it’s an important factor to consider when searching for a boat to live aboard: we live in a modern world of conveniences and have… Continue reading What makes a good liveaboard boat?

What comes next: the plans between

There has been a lot of activity around here, most of it mental. I’ve been presented with challenges, signs from on high, and options. Signs from on high? Oh yes. Since the totaling of my Islander, two powerboats have since dragged anchor and nearly hit me, thankfully both times I was on my boat.

Dealing with BoatUS (part three)

My attorney asked more patience from me when giving BoatUS three business days to respond to his letter. Patience is not a virtue I was born with, and frankly I’m not sure how many people naturally have it. It’s a theory of mine that most people just mask their impatience better than others. Three business… Continue reading Dealing with BoatUS (part three)

Dealing with BoatUS (part one)

I’ve yet to see a bumper sticker which reads, “I {heart} insurance companies.” Tell anyone you’re in the midst of an insurance brouhaha and you’ll get the slow head nods, the sighs, and the eye rolls. Most of us have been there, and if you haven’t, consider yourself blessed and get ready for it. It’s… Continue reading Dealing with BoatUS (part one)