Merry Christmas 2016 & My FANTASTIC Year in Review…

Merry Christmas everyone! As you were awoken at 2 am, then 3 am, maybe 5 am by your precious, cherub-faced children who destroyed Christmas presents like the barracuda eliminated Nemo’s siblings (too soon?), I was in bed. Not that being up multiple times during the night isn’t fun. I’m sure you had a scream of a time trying not to…


Debunking the Myth: “Looks Don’t Matter”

“Looks don’t matter,” is an oft cited platitude typically uttered by someone already coupled off with a partner they find attractive. But when addressing a single person? Well looks shouldn’t matter, you shallow little love beggar. If you have your hands out hoping someone takes pity on you, be grateful for the cathedral gnome ringing the church bells….


The Top 5 reasons I’m not a nun

In my lifetime two priests have told me I should be a nun. Neither priest was high on drugs at the time of the suggestion, though I have my suspicions. Would I make a good nun? That’s not the right question, because I’d rather be so many other things besides a nun, like a cactus or a…

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