Courtney Kirchoff

Why You’ll Never See My “Sexy” Gym Photos

The accounts I follow on Instagram can be sorted into four categories: interior design, horses, dogs, and fitness. Category “fitness” brims with perfectly sculpted human specimens. Like symmetrical stacks of pancakes. Squares of softly melted butter drizzling down their eight-pack sides. For me, few images are more #Fitness-inspiring than exercise champions who #WOWH (work out while hot). I scroll through chiseled body after chiseled…

August 24 2018

#FirstWorldProblemFridays: August 24, 2018

To pollute the internet with even more useless content no one needs but some may enjoy, I’m hitting a new weekly segment. #FirstWorldProblemFridays. As a spoiled resident of the first world, most of the problems which plague me aren’t problems at all. But rather than pop open my iMessage to hit up a colleague about my current non-crisis,…

sunset succulent

What this Website Is and What this Website Isn’t

It’s been seven years since I hit the publish button on this blog’s first post. Through this website, I’ve: discussed my book, adventures aboard my sailboat, mishmashings from the struggles of working a corporate life. And one post about my new horse. A story I published over one year ago, with zero follow-ups later. Were this…

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