Writing from Experience?

A tough one to answer. If you’ve read the book and you know me first hand, it’s obvious I’ve experienced virtually nothing in my novel–a good thing. So to say one should “write from experience” is kind of ridiculous. If we’re all supposed to draw from our experiences, then what’s an imagination for? Imagine someone asking J.K. Rowling… Continue reading Writing from Experience?

The Error Game

Today I got a message from a Jaden Baker reader, informing me of two errors in my book (he’d read at least 31 chapters). Neither fluke was terribly egregious, but it was still annoying, considering I have approved the book for printing. But then I reminded myself that I have rarely read a book without… Continue reading The Error Game

Joseph Madrid (spoilers)

Here’s my spoiler warning: this post is for people who have completed my novel Jaden Baker. If you haven’t finished reading the book, then what the heck are you doing on my website? Go finish!

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