CrossFit bear complexes kick my ____

About a month ago I realized I was no longer sixteen and couldn’t bounce back from an injury. Which isn’t to say I didn’t try my darndest to self-heal by doing a multitude of overhead exercises (scaled down a bit) like thrusters and strict shoulder presses. Or pushups. Or a handstand hold. No. No, I…

Smash NBC

I binge watched Smash and here are the results

This post is not about the canceled show Smash*, but how it made me think about my life. For the record I do not wish to dance on Broadway, but if I did I’d like to be in a play about a bank robbery. If there’s one thing that’s missing from bank robberies it’s spontaneous…


Online Dating is So Bad, I’d Rather Die Alone…

Being a 31 year old single woman is a lot like being a platypus in a fashion salon. But Courtney, that doesn’t make sense. Yeah, exactly. Oh sure, we could talk about female empowerment and careers and adventures and blah, blah, blah; the point is, being a single woman in her early thirties (holy crap,…


Buying dandelion root tea makes me a wuss

Because I’m two sashays from becoming a full blown food hippie, I bought dandelion root tea. No, not a from local co-op where the owners don skirts of wheat and have an aversion to underarm deodorant, but I’m getting closer to frequenting such establishments. Anyway, dandelion root tea, according to the the pastel-colored box, helps…


My Upstairs Neighbor Stomps

Actually he or she isn’t stomping, but it certainly sounds like it. Start typing “my upstair” into Google and look what you get. Click on any results you get from Google and all upstairs neighbors swear they’re not stomping but walking regularly. The downstairs neighbors will get annoyed any time the upstairs neighbors moves throughout…


Dealing with Piracy

Whenever I hear a recently-successful author say of their book’s achievement, “I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen,” I think one of two things: They’re lying for the sake of humility or Their dreams are rather bland. As someone who relies on their imagination for a living, I think it’s typically door…

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