Castle on the Water

I’m officially ensconced in a waterfront condo nestled in lovely Kitsap County. House-sitting was fine, but I’m glad to be in my palace. It took a few days to transport my remaining belongings from the house to the condo, most of which was done while dealing with a dastardly cold, but moving is finally done….

Spartan Sprint 2013

This August I’ll be competing with a team in a Spartan Sprint. Rather than sitting out under a tree while I type this, I should be training. Like running or pushups or, God forbid, burpees [shiver]. The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race with obstacles. Participants will be crossfitters, current and former military, guys eager…

Pirates and Impostors

There were two ways I’d originally opened this blog post, each leading to the stellar conclusion that pirating books is akin to shaving the fuzz off of newborn puppies, and all those who pirate should be taken out back and slapped across the face with outdated magazines. My book was recently pirated and rather than…

Why I hate talking on the phone

The texting revolution could not have come soon enough, I say. Email is the bastion of good old fashioned communication, letter-writing for the digitized. Texting is the journalistic approach to email. But speaking on the phone? It’s contrary to human behavior.

Downton Disappointments

Call me a bandwagon-jumper-onner if you must, but I didn’t start watching Downton Abbey until a few months ago. My parents have been watching since the series started, but I didn’t bother seeing what all the hubbub was about until recently. Like thousands of other Abbey-ites I was disheartened by the season three finale because…

Searching for the Next Adventure

All holidays are over, there are no more pretty lights brightening streets with cheer. It’s cold, gray, and Starbucks is back to serving the boring white cups instead of red. It’s winter. The only thing most of us have to look forward to now is summer, and I’m looking for my next adventure.

New Design

This website is undergoing a website redesign. Some content may be missing or appear funny. Do not be alarmed, tis not a problem on your end. My apologies for any inconveniences to your reading.

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