Pirates and Impostors

There were two ways I’d originally opened this blog post, each leading to the stellar conclusion that pirating books is akin to shaving the fuzz off of newborn puppies, and all those who pirate should be taken out back and slapped across the face with outdated magazines. My book was recently pirated and rather than…

The Boredom Awareness Campaign

Boredom is a devastating, world-wide societal affliction and it is sadly tolerated, resulting in life-sucking activities like staff meetings, insurance conferences, and taupe-painted waiting rooms with tables full of expired automotive magazines. We can do better. We can end boredom one butt wiggle and clumsy ballet twirl at a time. Let’s put an end to…


Living in the Dream Machine

Something untoward is happening to my sleeping habits, all thanks to my dream machine: a small, seemingly harmless, little 200 watt heater by Lasko. My reason for acquiring the little device was purely comfort-related, but this thing has morphed into a comatose-inducing, bizarre dream-creating contraption. Like what you read? Please share!

mr coffee junior

Remembering Mr. Coffee Junior

On Wednesday, December 28, 2011, the world–or just I–lost a legend: loyal, beautiful, and just the right size, Mr. Coffee Junior passed from this life of brewing into the puffy, steamy clouds of Espressoheaven. Like what you read? Please share!

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