S/V Libby

The adventures of the sailing vessel Libby

Navigation & Lighting

Soon and very soon I’ll be living on the hook once more, and with that hopefully going through the great rigamarole of pulling up my anchor (I am without a windlass) and setting sail for destinations far and wide. Though my boat is equipped with a nifty GPS system, it’s best practice to be able…


Painting my Sailboat

Spring is coming—that means my sailboat will get the paint job she hasn’t had in years. I plan on painting her bottom (which she desperately needs) and topside. I’ve heard the best method of painting a boat is “tipping” which will give the boat a glassy look. Putting a couple coats of new paint on…


Sailboat Art Freebies

Here’s what happened: last week and into the beginning of this week we saw perfect weather. Sun. Clear skies. Temperature in the fifties. In FEBRUARY! Pacific Northwesters just cannot handle this kind of weather, our brains explode. We get all frantic and excited and run outside with nothing to do, so we’re just out there, wandering around,…


Robert Perry, I Salute You

I’ve lived aboard my boat for about six months now, both in summer and winter, and have come to the conclusion that, though the S/V Libby is a great boat and a cozy home, she’s also my starter boat. When other liveaboards would say “It’s your first boat,” I shook my head at them, whispering:…

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