Before you contact me, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you want advice about living aboard a boat, please visit So You’re Thinking Of Living Aboard a Boat, and What Makes A Good Liveaboard Boat. Please be aware, that since my boat was hit, I moved back to land and have been here ever since, and I’m not a good source of current advice on boat living.

If you’re hoping to apply for the position of Boyfriend, please dial down the weird. Also, make sure you’ve read my “standards” and actually qualify. Does that sound snotty of me? Well if it does and the snotty bothers you, then I’ve saved you the trouble of reaching out. Two birds.

You’ll notice I removed the contact form. I was being spammed by internet charlatans and rather than seeking out these solicitors to lecture them, I’ve removed the form until such time as I might establish a strong anti-spam captcha.

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If you’re an internet solicitor who can’t even bother to address me by my actual name, go screw yourself.

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