Today was docking day. I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks, thinking longingly of having as much electricity as I needed, being able to walk into downtown under the power of my own legs (and just my legs), not having to deal with the tumultuous weather, and never agonizing over leaving something on my boat, and then having to jump back into the dinghy to go out into the bay to retrieve it. The weather has also encouraged the big move. The past few days have been incredibly windy, with gusts over 30 mph. The howling wind made 30 foot Libby a wave jumper, and while the anchor line was incredibly secure, the noise and the rocking were getting old.

Last night I tried running the generator dry, but couldn’t make it. I just hate the sound of the generator, and decided to kill it. Then, knowing I’d have electricity up the wazoo (can you tell I’m excited?) I watched a movie and had lots of lights on, loving the cozy feeling of my warm cabin, well lit. Though it was windy all day yesterday–and the day before–it died down last night to almost nothing, and even changed directions, allowing me and Riley to sleep comfortably in the v-berth, not the main cabin. Around here, winter comes early (and summer always shows up late), so the wind started to build at 5 a.m. I got up, fired up the stove to boil water, had some coffee, and conferred with my helpful neighbor about bringing the boats into port at first light.

Of course it was (is still) raining. It’s Washington. I bundled up, went outside, dropped fenders, tied up my docking lines, then we pulled anchor (it took two of us, it was dug in deep) and headed for shore. It was quite uneventful, which is how we like things done around here when it comes to the boats. Once Libby was tied, Jonathan went to get his boat and I helped tie up when he successfully (and undramatically) docked. Then it was time to dance and celebrate. We were on LAND! Wet but happy, Riley in need of a morning business run, we walked to the park, where Riley took care of things and became a new dog, then went for coffee. Ahhhhh!

My coat is hanging up to dry, I dug my second monitor, blanket, and extra coats out of my storage quarter berth, then got set up. The second monitor on the dinette table may be a bit much, but I love having more screen real estate to work with, and how it naturally magnifies my workspace. Later today I’ll get heat going and maybe fire up the toaster, which will plug into an outlet!

So here I sit, docked, dry, blasting music, working without worrying about running out of battery juice. I’m piping the dock’s WiFi through my system, and I plan on finally getting stuff done. I have two, possibly three, WordPress websites to code this week (yay for work and money!), a proposal to write, and revisions to incorporate into Jaden Baker. It’s sure nice to have electricity and conveniences within walking distance, but I know I’ll miss some things about anchoring out: the incredible view, the natural privacy, the quiet and tranquility, watching baby seals play. Perhaps in six months or so, when winter is supposedly over and I go back out to living on the hook, I’ll be just excited to get away from land and go out cruising. Until then, I’m really loving this docking thing. And Riley is too!