#FirstWorldProblems: I Binge-Watched ‘Jack Ryan’ and Now I’ve Nothing to Watch

first world problems

Welcome to the third installment of a segment you probably don’t want, but here you are. Get caught up on the uninspiring fluff here and here.

MONDAY: After a full horse weekend on the other side of the state, I spent the entire Labor Day morning zoning out on my couch, enjoying the respite with my three dogs as cuddle cushions. So enthralled was I in the zen of doing absolutely nothing, I experienced a fleeting — but passionate — moment of irksome frustration when I had to spend three grueling minutes creating a graphic for work. Forcing me to stand at my standing desk as I modified the color red in Photoshop. Too bright? Darken it? IS THIS TOO DARK A RED? Maybe this is the right red. The color of my boiling, spoiled blood.

TUESDAY: Every muscle in my body is sore after spending an aforementioned glorious weekend on the other side of the state with my absolute queen of a horse. Turns out cantering for three hours takes a toll on a body not used to ever having cantered for three hours. This must be how a goldfish feels when an angry teenager shoves it in a Magic Bullet. It’s okay, it only hurts when I walk. Take a breath. Reach for a cup. Lower into a sit. This is fine.

WEDNESDAY: Binge-watched Jack Ryan on Amazon* on Monday and Tuesday. Now… nothing to watch while I eat my steak dinner. F*ck.

THURSDAY: Had to squeeze in my weightlifting session before my massage appointment. Forcing me to set a timer between sets on my iPad, because my phone was sending music through a speaker. Gotta have a job for each device, lest one feels jealous of the other. I heard Steve Jobs talk about it never.

FRIDAY: I didn’t have time to write a second post of the week, so this lame #firstworldproblems post is all I have for the full working week on this blog. I feel great shame. My plans. They were so lofty. My hopes. So great.

GUEST-PROBLEM: “My coffee was weak. I HAD TO MAKE ANOTHER POT!!!!” (thanks, Branden!)


What were your first world problems of the week?

*Yes, I  enjoyed Jack Ryan and do recommend it!

By Courtney

Courtney Kirchoff is a published novelist, graphic designer, dog and horse lover, and lots of other (hopefully good) things. She lives in the greater Puget Sound area in Washington State with her lovable shelties, Riley and Margo.