Welcome to the third installment of a segment you probably don’t want, but here you are. Get caught up on the uninspiring fluff here and here.

MONDAY: After a full horse weekend on the other side of the state, I spent the entire Labor Day morning zoning out on my couch, enjoying the respite with my three dogs as cuddle cushions. So enthralled was I in the zen of doing absolutely nothing, I experienced a fleeting — but passionate — moment of irksome frustration when I had to spend three grueling minutes creating a graphic for work. Forcing me to stand at my standing desk as I modified the color red in Photoshop. Too bright? Darken it? IS THIS TOO DARK A RED? Maybe this is the right red. The color of my boiling, spoiled blood.

TUESDAY: Every muscle in my body is sore after spending an aforementioned glorious weekend on the other side of the state with my absolute queen of a horse. Turns out cantering for three hours takes a toll on a body not used to ever having cantered for three hours. This must be how a goldfish feels when an angry teenager shoves it in a Magic Bullet. It’s okay, it only hurts when I walk. Take a breath. Reach for a cup. Lower into a sit. This is fine.

WEDNESDAY: Binge-watched Jack Ryan on Amazon* on Monday and Tuesday. Now… nothing to watch while I eat my steak dinner. F*ck.

THURSDAY: Had to squeeze in my weightlifting session before my massage appointment. Forcing me to set a timer between sets on my iPad, because my phone was sending music through a speaker. Gotta have a job for each device, lest one feels jealous of the other. I heard Steve Jobs talk about it never.

FRIDAY: I didn’t have time to write a second post of the week, so this lame #firstworldproblems post is all I have for the full working week on this blog. I feel great shame. My plans. They were so lofty. My hopes. So great.

GUEST-PROBLEM: “My coffee was weak. I HAD TO MAKE ANOTHER POT!!!!” (thanks, Branden!)


What were your first world problems of the week?

*Yes, I  enjoyed Jack Ryan and do recommend it!