Jaden Baker

Jaden Baker revised coverJaden Baker is unique, talented, special.

And for a while there, things were looking up. Adopted by an upper-middle class couple of suburbia, Jaden believed he’d finally gotten that second chance everyone raves about. It came with potato salad.

But something happened. Something always happens. The life he’d been living took a dark twist, taking him on a journey that exposed him to evil, and the power it wields.

For those receiving it, patience is a deadly virtue.



The novel is available as an ebook through Amazon.com (currently enrolled in the KDP program, so Prime members can read for free) and paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as smaller, independent booksellers. Want to see it in your local bookstore? The novel is also available through book distributors such as Ingram, so your local store can stock their own copies.

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