true northe designLiving on a boat sure has saved me a ton of cash when it comes to monthly living expenses, but I’m still in need of the green stuff for other luxeries, like food, gasoline in my tank, and other things.

There are many graphic design positions that I’m well qualified for, and I’ve applied to all that I’ve come across. I’m able to work remotely, or commute into the Seattle area, or even move my boat there. To keep from boring you too much, and move onto something more entertaining, I’m going to keep this post short. I’ve composed a virtual interview for a graphic & web design position over at True Northe. Here, also, is my resume for a graphic design position. If you, a friend, neighbor, or your boss is looking for a web or graphic designer, for their company, organization, or even for a personal project, please send them this post as a link, or link them to True Northe:

Thanks everyone!