Living aboard: your questions, please!

Riley on top of the cabin, looking mighty confident and snazzy in his life vest.

August 1, 2012, will be my one year anniversary of living aboard. Last year I posted a lengthy article about why I’d be living aboard a sailboat, and I’ve gotten a few requests to write a One Year Later styled post on my experiences aboard, if the lifestyle has lived up to, exceeded, or even fallen short of my expectations, and so forth. August 1st is coming soon, and rather than write from the seat of my shorts (which is what I typically do), I want to ask you what you want to know. So, what are you wondering? Do you have questions about the boat, about me, Riley? Anything within reason. Please leave a comment or, if you prefer, send me a question or comment through my contact form. The reason I don’t list my email is not because I’m extremely anti-social, I just hate being spammed with offers to enlarge certain parts of my body which, incidentally, I do not have, what with being a girl.

I wrote an ariticle about 7 months living aboard, which you can read on Three Sheets Northwest. It was penned in the middle of winter, as the photo of Libby will attest.

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