The Top 5 reasons I’m not a nun

In my lifetime two priests have told me I should be a nun. Neither priest was high on drugs at the time of the suggestion, though I have my suspicions. Would I make a good nun? That’s not the right question, because I’d rather be so many other things besides a nun, like a cactus or a…


What to do with annoying email spam

Like everyone who lives in this century, I get spammed. More than you know. I even had to switch mail clients because Mac Mail kept not filtering the spam. Thanks, Tim Cook. Please, keep focusing on your electric car and the Apple Watch. I’ll just be over here not using your software. Today an email…


CrossFit bear complexes kick my ____

About a month ago I realized I was no longer sixteen and couldn’t bounce back from an injury. Which isn’t to say I didn’t try my darndest to self-heal by doing a multitude of overhead exercises (scaled down a bit) like thrusters and strict shoulder presses. Or pushups. Or a handstand hold. No. No, I…

Smash NBC

I binge watched Smash and here are the results

This post is not about the canceled show Smash*, but how it made me think about my life. For the record I do not wish to dance on Broadway, but if I did I’d like to be in a play about a bank robbery. If there’s one thing that’s missing from bank robberies it’s spontaneous…

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