sail totesSails are light enough to catch the wind, and strong enough to turn wind into power. But there comes a time when, for whatever reason, a sail is decommissioned from its ship. Sails can be useful in their post-yacht afterlife as totes and bags, bringing their durability to every day life. With style. 

Buster-Boy Bags is owned by Jonathan Davis, who makes a few appearances on this blog (Blake Island Adventure, Solo-Sailing, New Settees!). He embodies the definition of a liveaboard sailor, complete with impressive sewing skills, sails a sturdy boat (a Cascade 36), and knows his way around a sailboat’s equipment. One of his goals is to fund his life the independent way, by selling his wares to fellow boaters, and sail the world.

The totes are all made from reclaimed dacron sails and Sunbrella fabric. Some feature stars, numbers, contain pockets (often zippered), and all are gosh darn useful and stylish. If you’d like your business logo applied, that may be possible (if your logo is relatively simple).

Some of the bags are already listed on eBay, and more will follow. To learn more about the totes, or to order one now (you should, they’d make a great gift to a friend or for yourself), contact Jonathan directly by email at

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sail totes

star sail tote2 sail tote


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  2. Gary Shinn January 17, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Wow! Way F——g cool! Jonathan bought our Bristol 27, Esperance. Hi Jonathan! Way to go with the bags. We want one. Jonathan, I’ll shoot you an email. — Gary, MV Wander