Searching for the Next Adventure

All holidays are over, there are no more pretty lights brightening streets with cheer. It’s cold, gray, and Starbucks is back to serving the boring white cups instead of red. It’s winter. The only thing most of us have to look forward to now is summer, and I’m looking for my next adventure.

My first (and only) horse Dante was a stellar fox-hunter. He has the agility of a mountain goat, the sprinting speed of his breed (Quarter Horse), and had enough energy for the endurance required of a fox-hunting horse: a hunt was around 8-14 miles. To this day, fox-hunting with Dante was the most fun I’ve ever had. I enjoyed the company, the speed, the gorgeous countryside, and the bond that Dante and I shared. We were partners in speed and thrill, and the two of us were unstoppable.

Since I so enjoyed fox-hunting and related activities (hunter pace and cross-country events), I’m hoping to get into endurance riding. When people asked me what fox-hunting was like, I told them it was extreme-trail riding. Endurance riding is another form of extreme trail riding, with races of 25, 50 or 100 miles long (Tevis Cup). While Dante might be able to manage a 25 mile race with conditioning, he couldn’t do more than that. Endurance riding is dominated by Arabians.

Cougar Rock. Tevis Cup.

Owning an Arabian would be an adventure in and of itself. Unfortunately they have a reputation for being crazy, due to their high energy and sensitivity, and many of them are misunderstood. They require an active and attentive rider, someone who is interested in forging a relationship and understanding, not just a fast ride. They are not carousel horses.
Like I did with my boat and living aboard, I’m putting my plans out there, in hopes that the universe is in agreement. When I decided to live aboard a boat, doors opened with the slightest push, and I knew it was meant to be–it all came together too easily. I’ve been inquiring about Arabians, learning about bloodlines, and hoping that a door will open, allowing me to find the perfect horse for me, so I may begin a new adventure. I would love to have a new partner in speed and thrill, to go cantering across beautiful countryside for 25 miles or more, and partake in something new and exciting.