Spartan Sprint 2013

This August I’ll be competing with a team in a Spartan Sprint. Rather than sitting out under a tree while I type this, I should be training. Like running or pushups or, God forbid, burpees [shiver].

The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race with obstacles. Participants will be crossfitters, current and former military, guys eager to prove-themselves. And me. It’ll entail running through mud, water, climbing ropes and walls, carrying heavy loads over distances, likely some good natured swearing, that kind of thing.

It means I have to start running. I have to start climbing. I have to use these sunny days to my advantage and get out there and do. It means pushing wisely and not being a moron like walking barefoot on the hot, rough asphalt when my tender tootsies have been hibernating in socks all winter, and now are in agony. Stuff like that.

Have any killer exercise moves that’ll help me out? I just began yoga, I own the Russian Twists, but would love to try some new muscle sculpting workouts. Suggestions welcome.

Anyone else competing this summer in a Spartan race? Ever done one before? Never heard of it? Check out this video for an overview: