IN A WORLD filled with mediocrity, incompetence, open office plans, and morons, ONE SUBSTANCE raises the hope of humanity: COFFEE. Strap in for the caffeine thrill ride of your life, as our heroes wage war against corporate crap. WATCH as caffeine, flooding their veins, equips them with the WEAPONS to battle even the most ridiculous… Continue reading COFFEE: THE ADVENTURE

Wood Burning Beauty

I'd have to have it in red, just like this one.

You know it’s real love when you sigh–rather than groan–about a boat’s shortcomings. The S/V Libby, gorgeous and fast though she may be, lacks something highly necessary: a heater. This really isn’t so much of a problem right now, while I’m docked, rocking an abundance of electricity, feeding a small ceramic electric heater. But when… Continue reading Wood Burning Beauty

I Love You, Coffee

You came into my life last winter, the second winter I’d spent in Western Washington. I was shopping for groceries in the Walmart Supercenter (ours is a nice one), and something in my heart led me to the coffee machine isle. There, sitting cute and tidy, was a small Mr. Coffee. I purchased it. Coffee,… Continue reading I Love You, Coffee