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What comes next: the plans between

There has been a lot of activity around here, most of it mental. I’ve been presented with challenges, signs from on high, and options. Signs from on high? Oh yes. Since the totaling of my Islander, two powerboats have since dragged anchor and nearly hit me, thankfully both times I was on my boat.

Libby Got Hit

My Islander 30 MK II was hit on Tuesday by a 30 foot Norstar powerboat. Riley and I were ashore at the time of the impact. No one was hurt. A witness to the accident says the Norstar hit my boat three times under power. As the photo shows, she was hit with a great…

First Sail of 2012

A few days ago I went out sailing for the first time this year! It’s been many months since I took out my girl, in fact the last time I ventured out with her was for a “race” at the end of October of 2011. I say “race” because there was barely any wind, so…

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