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So You’re Thinking of Living Aboard a Boat

Congratulations! You’re researching your next adventure, and I applaud you. Living aboard a boat is incredible, and I’m sure you’re just peeing your pants with excitement. When I was in your stage, I would lose sleep thinking about my boat, wondering what she was like, and what adventures me and her would embark upon together….


Winter Sailing

I’m living on a sailboat for a few good reasons: It’s cheaper (a LOT cheaper), so I don’t have to bite my nails every month to make rent. It has an undeniable coolness factor of ten, as I get to say “I’m a novelist and graphic designer who lives on a sailboat.” Hard to top…


Today was docking day. I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks, thinking longingly of having as much electricity as I needed, being able to walk into downtown under the power of my own legs (and just my legs), not having to deal with the tumultuous weather, and never agonizing over leaving something on…


My Single Story

Some consider being single to be the waiting room prior to marriage. Others view it as what comes after being a teenager, that time of soul-searching where young people travel the globe or dance on table tops. Being single involves struggle, fear, self-discovery, and if done successfully, it leads to confidence, bravery, and love. Not…

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