The Boredom Awareness Campaign

Boredom is a devastating, world-wide societal affliction and it is sadly tolerated, resulting in life-sucking activities like staff meetings, insurance conferences, and taupe-painted waiting rooms with tables full of expired automotive magazines. We can do better. We can end boredom one butt wiggle and clumsy ballet twirl at a time. Let’s put an end to… Continue reading The Boredom Awareness Campaign

Why I hate talking on the phone

The texting revolution could not have come soon enough, I say. Email is the bastion of good old fashioned communication, letter-writing for the digitized. Texting is the journalistic approach to email. But speaking on the phone? It’s contrary to human behavior.

I’m an introvert. I proclaim that proudly and un-loudly, and I wish our culture would embrace introversion rather than putting so much value on extroversion (“people-person”, “charismatic” etc.). I wrote a post a while ago about Why I Hate Meetings to essentially stand up for myself and my introversion: meetings are useless; innovation and creativity do not come to me while I’m a meeting, they hit me when I’m alone. So it was with great pleasure that I read an article by Susan Cain on the New York Times website about the New Groupthink. Read it, it may be enlightening. If you’re an introvert, you’ll nod your head and say “Amen.” If you’re an extrovert, maybe this will help you understand why so many of us despise “brainstorming sessions,” or “team meetings,” or “group projects.”

Why I hate Meetings

My name is Courtney and I hate meetings. I always have and I always will. Me hating meetings does not mean I hate conversation, the people I work with, or my job. In fact I enjoy the people I work with and my job, and like speaking with my colleagues and clients very much. But… Continue reading Why I hate Meetings