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First Sail of 2012

A few days ago I went out sailing for the first time this year! It’s been many months since I took out my girl, in fact the last time I ventured out with her was for a “race” at the end of October of 2011. I say “race” because there was barely any wind, so…


Robert Perry, I Salute You

I’ve lived aboard my boat for about six months now, both in summer and winter, and have come to the conclusion that, though the S/V Libby is a great boat and a cozy home, she’s also my starter boat. When other liveaboards would say “It’s your first boat,” I shook my head at them, whispering:…

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Blake Island Adventure

Though we’re approaching winter here in the Pacific Northwest, I felt it was prudent to go on an overnight sailing adventure to somewhere. What’s the point of living on a sailboat, I said, if one doesn’t sail it anywhere to stay the night? I couldn’t have had this spurring thought in early September, when the…


Winter Sailing

I’m living on a sailboat for a few good reasons: It’s cheaper (a LOT cheaper), so I don’t have to bite my nails every month to make rent. It has an undeniable coolness factor of ten, as I get to say “I’m a novelist and graphic designer who lives on a sailboat.” Hard to top…

Christening the S/V Libby

Every boat needs a great name. While it is traditionally considered bad luck to change the name of a boat, the name my boat came with was…not good. Let’s just leave it at that. To really make the boat mine, I had to change her name to something meaningful and dignified. She’s not only my…

Happy Liveaboard

It’s nearly nine pm, the sun has already set, and the sky is dusky pink fading into blue. Mount Rainier is still visible, but disappearing into dusk. Though a still day, the wind has picked up a little, rippling the water. Seagulls fly overhead, probably looking for a free meal, and the seals are heading…

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