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Creating a Book Trailer

I’ve been meaning to make a book trailer for about a year now, perhaps longer. Lots of things have been stopping me, the biggest hurdle being I don’t know how to make a book trailer. The software I have is limited (I want Adobe After Effects, but my old Mac is incapable of supporting it),…

“How are book sales going?”

I’m asked this question a lot: “How are book sales going?” I know when people ask, they mean well. They know I’ve written and published a book, and they’re making friendly conversation, being supportive, and so forth. I know that, I know that, I know that. But that’s not how I hear the question. ***EDITED NOTE…

Jaden tests boundaries

An excerpt from Jaden Baker William tossed him into his room, and Jaden collided with the door as it slid shut. The anger he felt was real, even though he was following his first rule of resistance when beneficial. He’d scored a tiny victory in keeping Dalton out of his head for one more day….

Knowing the End

I don’t want to know how the world will end. I’d rather the when, how, and why be totally mysterious. Maybe I won’t even be alive to see it, having died peacefully in my sleep before the end comes. Though should I be around for the event, I hope it rains cupcakes, not frogs, fire,…

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