The Case of the Not-Missing Fuel Tank Vent

In my last post, Adventures in Fueling, I briefly discussed my fuel tank and its vent, or lack thereof, as I told Ned, the hovering powerboater. I’ve not had my boat a year yet, so I’m still learning new things about her and of boats in general. So, naturallly, when I said that my boat didn’t have a vent, lots of savvy boaters chimed in and said that all fuel tanks have vents. That’s what I love about the boating community: helpful and friendly at the same time.

My fueling vent is on the transom, and is like an aluminum button nose, with two tiny nostrils. I’ve wondered what the heck it was, and now, thanks to all of you, I do. It probably needs a good cleaning, which I’ll be sure to get to soon.

In one of my first boating posts, I said something like “wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” Which makes me very wise when it comes to boats. I admit, I know just about nothing, but love learning more every day both on my own, and from readers like you who lovingly refrain from targeting me with blonde jokes. Though I do like a good blonde joke every once in a while, as my sense of humor is pretty basic.

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