It’s been seven years since I hit the publish button on this blog’s first post. Through this website, I’ve: discussed my book, adventures aboard my sailboat, mishmashings from the struggles of working a corporate life. And one post about my new horse. A story I published over one year ago, with zero follow-ups later.

Were this website a houseplant, not even the most adept botanist would have any luck identifying life in the now arid pot. Much less reviving it.

I’ve two options:

  1. Throw out what is now just a dirty urn, a vessel which once brought me joy in my ability to share experiences and reach new people.
  2. Dump that which the pot once contained, add fresh soil, and grow something new. Lest industrious spiders take residence.

Perhaps because this website bears my name, I’m loathe to toss it. Proof of a sentimental heart. But due to the mores of everyday life, it’s grown near impossible to maintain this site as I once did chronicling the adventures of the SV Libby.

So I won’t maintain it as I once did. I’ll maintain it as I now can. In this freshly soiled little pot of mine, I’ll add a robust succulent. Something which derives nourishment from ambient light, needing only a spritz of attention when I can give it.

You are free to read or not read anything published here. I issue that rather obvious statement for those feeble-minded internet trolls who seem incapable of switching off that which they find offensive. Oh to be you.

kid throwing a tantrum

I’ve also, for the time being, disabled the comment section until I can find a method of commenting which doesn’t lead me to thoughts of suicide via drowning myself in a self-made puddle of Drano. Or for a faster effect, snorting it. If you’ve ever read comment sections, you understand.

Plenty of things in life are serious. This website shouldn’t be one of them. If this site is a retreat from everyday life, then it shouldn’t contain anything resembling the seriousness of an everyday life. Which isn’t to say I won’t come to this website to opine on work-life struggles. Only that both the writing and reading of any such accounts shouldn’t feel like work.

On that, nowhere on this website will I ever discuss the divine secrets of the Ya-Ya Crowderhood. So if you’re browsing this site looking for insight, gossip, or a way to connect to anything LWC, you’re plumb out of luck, young padawan. All LWC job inquiries, interview requests, or LWC questions will be ignored. Sorry.

But so too will politics be ignored. Nothing political shall ever cross the threshold of this site. For two reasons: politics isn’t everything, and my professional contract would prevent it. Which also rules out any chance of me writing political or cultural pieces for you. Not sorry.

Everything else is fair game. Short posts. Long stories. Articles on subjects I find interesting. Or stories about things which I find woefully uninteresting to the point of a borderline passion.

The world is my oyster and I’m holding a mallet.

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UPDATED August 22, 2018: Facebook commenting turned on.