Where I Live

Since I started this blog, I’ve gotten a few emails from folks asking where I live/moor. Before living on a boat, I noticed that people found my website by searching “Courtney Kirchoff address,” which I admit, freaked me out just a bit. Though I believe most people are good and decent, I’m not naive, and know some people in this world are not to be trusted. Anyone and everyone uses the web, both good and not so good. I deliberately avoid talking about my current location for my own safety. Most people asking for my location are doing so for innocent reasons: just wanting to connect with another liveaboard, become friends, whatever. But it’s always the weirdos who ruin it for everyone else. While I’d love to say “I live here, come and meet for coffee and tales of windy adventures,” I will always refrain. So if you’ve emailed me asking where I live, please don’t take it personally if I never respond to your inquiry. I’m being safe. Avid kick boxer and believer in the second amendment  though I may be, it’s still unwise for anyone on the web to proclaim their current location. I shake my head at people who always update their Twitter or Facebook feeds with things like “Visiting family in wherever,” or “I miss my husband so much, can’t wait for him to come home,” etc. Such trusting individuals have made it that much easier to be robbed, stalked, or something far worse.

To my family and friends who read this blog: I absolutely love getting comments from you, but please keep my whereabouts private.


  1. Tate November 7, 2011 at 8:16 am

    I saw the title of this blog post pop up in my RSS and was hoping for some awesome story about your corner of the world (not specifically where you live). Understand the need to remain hidden though especially being an author with your name rolling around in the wild.

    I agree that it is creepy that people search for your address. I look at the searches that come to our blog and if I started seeing stuff like that it would creep me out for Danielle. Though she doesn’t really go anywhere mentioned without me. It’d still just be weird.

  2. Isaac Anderson November 7, 2011 at 11:37 am

    I know where you live, but I promise not to tell. 😉