Entertainment Center of Mystery

When James Bond introduces himself, he’s confident, sure and steady. If I had a mouth I’d speak the same way. But I’m an entertainment center, and so much more than a man. Enjoy your shaken, not stirred Martini as you’re relaxing in front of me, watching a film on your big TV. If you’re not into that sort of thing, that’s okay. I can be a family guy. I can be anything you want.

It’s been said that I’m “tall, dark and handsome,” but I’m not one to brag. All I know is I look darn good. When you don’t want to see your TV, pull the doors shut and now I’m a gorgeous piece of furniture. All right, baby, maybe I do brag a little.

I’m all about sleek and cool. My side cabinets cleverly hide speakers without compromising the quality of The Sound. I have plenty of pullout trays for DVDs, a tray for consoles, shelves for books or other collectibles you want to show off, because, baby, there’s glass in me. Oh yeah.

There are some photos included. Imagine how alluring I’d look in front of your couch and coffee table. Slick, baby. Give me a call. Let’s talk. xoxoxoxo

Ad in Craiglist originally featured photos, but not here.

© Courtney Kirchoff August 19, 2010. All Rights Reserved.