It’s best practice to focus a post on a topic, a theme, an adventure, a something. I decided to heck with that―it’s my blog, I’m the goddess here, so I can make up and amend the rules whenever I gosh darn feel like it. There are a number of things that have happened in the past few weeks that I wanted to share in a hit-and-run sort of way. None of them are particularly important, or life-changing, just the little things.

Fun Stuff

I got a surprise Christmas gift from a total stranger. A reader, who’s name I’ll keep private, bought me an ebook (on sailboat electronics) off my online wish list. I felt pretty woeful the week before Christmas, weighed down by worry; receiving an unexpected gift tickled me hot pink and gave me hope. Thank you!

Fun with my iPhone 4s. My parents bought me the new iPhone for Christmas. My old one of 2.5 years was great, but showing age and wear (not sure how many times I dropped it, and one time it slid across the sidewalk). The new phone talks to me. Obviously the engineers at Apple had fun programming Siri to answer questions people like me would ask. My questions are in bold.

siri marry me

siri is there a god

siri singing

siri meaning of life

siri favorite color

siri respects me

Discoveries & Opinions

That scroll wheel is useful. My bluetooth wireless mouse of three years, broke. Rather than dropping who knows how much to replace it, I’ve been using the mouse from my Wacom tablet, but I think that’s busted too, as now the scroll wheel isn’t doing as its manufacturer intended. I don’t think it liked being someplace dark and wet―darn boat condensation! Wow, directing the curser alllllll the way over to the scroll bar to move the page up and down is a giant pain in my tushy.

The best way to get gray out of teak is with elbow grease. I don’t like dirty things, so when my shoe-polish-white cockpit accumulates an unacceptable amount of dirt and dog hair, I have to do something about it. One day I decided to take the scrub brush to my gray teak, and found that it removed lots of ickiness like oil, dirt, moss, and…gray. Hmmm. I had to spread the job out over several days (Libby has too much teak), but finally got the teak cleaned. When it’s wet the wood glows reddish-gold, and when dry a pleasant dusty tan. I was under the false impression that there was nothing that could be done about the grayness, but I was wrong!

cockpit teak
Well, the wind has blown the cover off my generator and sentinal, making it look kinda messy, but you can see how red and gorgeous the teak is now that it's been scrubbed!

If you’re going to cheat, do it in better weather. We’ve had a big storm these past few days, strong winds being a symptom. Though I’m a proud member of the Blue Tarp Club, I took down my boom tarp a few days ago, as it did no good with so much wind. That’s an important tidbit. Anyway, at five this morning some assclown decided he was going to leave the docks (we suspect he came in last night to charge up his batteries and stay awhile, without having to pay the port for it) and, with his tarp over his boom and all, was making his way out of the docks, when his engine wouldn’t get into gear, and the wind blew his stupid boat (those tarps act like sails!) into Libby and a boat in a slip next to me. At first I just thought I’d been hit by a large wave, but when it happened again, I had to investigate. So at five this morning, in the wind, in the cold, wearing my finest clothes (sarcasm), I dashed out into my cockpit to get this moron off my boat. A fellow sailor, who slept aboard his boat last night, was also helping get this idiot away from the boats. I didn’t have my wits about me, as I was exhausted from a long night of playing on, so when the assclown apologized for the collision, I actually said “that’s okay” rather than pulling out some kickboxing moves. Annoyingly, the interruption in my sleep has dampened my whole day, leaving me tired this morning, and I didn’t go to my kickboxing class to work out. Man. Not good, dude. Not good! That assclown better keep his distance. I hope the port charged him a stupid fee in addition to a cheating fee.

My boat appears to be fine. It better keep appearing that way…

Twice the heat means twice the sleep. When the weather dips below freezing, the small electric heater has trouble keeping the entire cabin warm, so I purchased a second tiny 200w heater for my v-berth. Man alive. Now it’s so warm and toasty in the v-berth I struggle getting my lazy butt out of bed. It feels so good in there! I could hibernate all winter and be happy. Riley could too. Here’s a picture of his royal highness; he was sleeping on his back like an otter when I got the camera, but the flash upset his wee little eyes. What a baby.

Oh, I'm sorry, does the flash bother you?

Turns out I’m more domesticated than I thought. A close friend, Krystal, asked me if I ever spent time on, which I’d never heard of. Over the past few days I’ve been spending wasting hours looking through that site, getting all inspired by the creativity, the cool recipes, pictures of awesome kitchens and bathrooms, and super cute outfits. I guess this means I really am a girl! Who knew! Now I’m an official pinner. The world will never be the same again.

Help & Advice

I love my red teak. But the more I read about teak, the more I’m learning it’s best to just leave it alone. Teak is a strong wood and will handle weather just fine as long as it’s cleaned. My dilemma is that I love it beautiful, and when it’s dry, it doesn’t have the glow. I’ve heard that oil is great, except after a while it turns black. Varnishing isn’t going to happen now that I’ve spent days cleaning all that teak. Too much work. Is there a way to keep the teak red without damaging the wood or causing too much strife?

I tried putting my head through the ceiling one day. It was a total accident, and I think I lost about a half an inch of my height. It hurt like trying to put your head through a ceiling would. In addition to a blinding headache, I also ripped a hole in the lovely ceiling cover. If it didn’t look craptastic before, it sure does now. There’s some bad wood in there that needs replacing, but I’m looking for ideas for the ceiling. It’s time to replace that gnarly cover for something more classy. Any tips?

The hole. I hit it pretty hard. My head is flatter, and my memory isn't...wait, what?


  1. Jason January 5, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Try Teak Wonder for your teak. It’s actually a cleaner/bleach/sealer. Don’t need to tape anything off, and it goes on with a rag. An application every 6 weeks keeps your teak looking brand new.

    1. Courtney January 5, 2012 at 9:33 pm

      Huh. That almost seems too good to be true! No taping? No prep? Looks like new? Why, Jason, I may have to try that. Thanks!

  2. Bruce Blumenstein January 6, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Hi Courtney,

    Before you remove the existing material consider if you will be using that as a template pattern.
    A nice sanitary material to use is RFP (reinforced fiberglass plastic) hm depo, smooth gloss surface and white, and contours. You need a pre fit cardboard first though.

    A beautiful African Naugahyde , a material that is coated with a rubber or plastic resin and looks like leather, (hmmm) glued and fastened

    A countertop plastic…not.

    I have used a black mesh blanket (similar to a filter blanket) and over-layer that with thin 3” wide redwood strips with a 1/8” gap between edges. This is a light sturdy and very breathable system for moisture environments. The strips contour easily but an ability to scribe fit is a must if the install is to look professional. Cedar strips work also, or teak (more work ). Very rich but quaint for a forepeak.

    Another way is to repair any distressed material overhead, and then expose the structure as rather art, fit in insulated pads for the sound and condensation. And to cover electric, etc.

    Another system I have done is to rib the ceiling with thin wood strips first, and then contact cement a poly sail material over a high density tile backer foam or plastic under- lay sheet.

    False ceiling ribs look very nautical but you might need a larger boat to be glamorous looking. But that is something to think about. They can be laminated or solid. One character made some out of PVC pipe which looked very lab like.

    RV world has a lot of ceiling material that you might look into for options.

    I compliment you on the blogorama Courtney! Fun read.

    -Bruce My Liberty Bay

    1. Courtney January 6, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      Holy Fenders, Boatman! That’s a lot of great ideas! Thanks, Bruce, I’ll look into those solutions. It’s hard for me, as a somewhat pretentious young woman, to look at that nasty ceiling cover without having a clue how to de-uglify it. You have saved me.