On Wednesday, December 28, 2011, the world–or just I–lost a legend: loyal, beautiful, and just the right size, Mr. Coffee Junior passed from this life of brewing into the puffy, steamy clouds of Espressoheaven.

mr coffee juniorMr. Coffee Junior first entered Courtney’s life over one year ago. They met in Walmart, in the small appliance isle, where she succumbed to the pressures of Pacific Northwest weather and culture, and grabbed the small brewer. Mr. Coffee Junior was her first ever coffee machine. It was a passionate like affair, and sometimes Mr. Coffee Junior would brew several times throughout the day, even in the afternoons, which would inevitably keep Courtney awake way past her normal bed time, for which she cursed Mr. Coffee.

When she still lived in an apartment, Courtney would fill Mr. Coffee with water and ground beans before going to bed, then, when she awoke the following morning, would flip the switch of the machine, turning on Mr. Coffee, turning on the morning, turning on the happiness. Mr. Coffee Junior changed Courtney’s life, transforming her from an I-Don’t-Drink-Coffee snob into a regular joe. She was grateful. Uniqueness was hard work…and filled with yawns, impatience, and slow mornings. Mr. Coffee Junior made Courtney a much better person.

After moving aboard the S/V Libby, Mr. Coffee Junior was lovingly wrapped in plastic and stored below the sink, to be saved and preserved for winter, when Courtney had the AC power to juice up the little brewer. When summer ended, Mr. Coffee emerged and found a permanent spot in the main cabin, where he worked every morning, filling the small space with the pleasant aroma of coffee.

Mr. Coffee Junior’s cause of death is unknown, but it may have been due to Courtney using it to heat up milk for hot cocoa. She poured the milk directly into the machine and let it run through, which probably clogged the system and damaged the machine forever. It was never the same after that pointless exercise. Poor Mr. Coffee Junior…

The galley contents of the S/V Libby gathered to mourn the loss of their faithful friend. Mr. Coffee Junior is survived by Red Mug, Bluish-Brownish Mug, Mickey Mouse Mug, Starbucks Original Logo Mug, Fancy Espresso Clear Mug, Happy Blue Travel Mug, the remaining 5-cup coffee filters, a quarter full container of Nestle cocoa mix, and the French press (who has selflessly assumed the role of Primary Coffee Maker).

A moment of silence, and a refraining of coffee-slurping (because the machine was busted), was paid in homage to the perky machine. Mr. Coffee Junior filled cups with morning hope, bringing a sense of ease and joy unto his drinker, Miss Courtney Kirchoff. Mr. Coffee Junior will always be remembered. May he rest in brewing peace.


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  2. Jorge Oswald December 29, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    LOL. After a suitable period of mourning; may I recommend Monsieur French Press? Simple, elegant (if you find the right one), sturdy, and adaptable.

    1. Courtney December 29, 2011 at 9:08 pm

      I mourned for about…five hours before pulling out Mr. French Press! Mr. Coffee would’ve wanted it, he always put my caffeine needs first. I have the Bodum 8 cup model. I French press in the summer months when I don’t have AC power for my boat.

  3. Gary Flory March 23, 2012 at 10:34 am

    That was Beautiful.